RAYS Photovoice Project

Family is Beautiful

How do you make memories with your family?

How do you share culture with your family?

How has RAYS supported you with your family?

We are looking for current/recent RAYS Healthy Start Participants to show the story of their family with pictures.

What is a Photovoice Project?

  • Using images to tell a story of a person or group
  • A way for people to tell their own story on their own terms
  • Giving voice to people or groups who have historically be silenced
  • A way of showing how RAYS impacts families in the community
  • More information about using Photovoice for social change
  • Examples: Humans of Humboldt

What we need from you

  • Five to ten current or recent Healthy Start participants
  • Ten photos from each participant, submitted by mid-February 2020
  • One hour conversation in a focus group (February 2020)
    • Or an individual interview if you are unable to attend the focus group

How we will thank you

  • Invitation for you and your family to the Family is Beautiful celebration May 2020 (details TBA)
  • A special gift for you and your family


  • Attend the information session 30 minutes before the January Group Connections meeting.

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