Data Capacity Building

We want your organization to be able to communicate your impact for years to come. We have experience collecting, analyzing and managing data, but we also have experience training individuals and organization so they can continue the work without us, or with less help from us. Our goal is to build a culture of data in your organization, where instead of it feeling like punishment or a chore, you will find data to be a tool of empowerment in your decision making.

Data Capacity is complex. What is your organization’s data capacity?


We can build data capacity in your organization in the following ways:

Individualized Training

Data collection and management can be intimidating, and sometimes overwhelming. We can provide individualized and small group training to really work closely with you on your data processes. This could be a good option for organization leadership, small teams, or individuals in charge of managing data for your organization. We have many years of experience teaching and training complex processes to diverse audiences.

Staff Training

Having a great database is not enough. In order to collect and report on useful information you must have a team that understands the importance of good data and is committed to collecting it. When your staff consists of  individuals dedicated to providing direct services to clients, it can be hard to convince them that this type of administrative task is a priority. We have spent years refining tactics that train and encourage staff to input quality data and to be invested in the output. If you are struggling to get your staff on-board with data demands, let us help.

Process Improvement

Is something just not working right, when it comes to the way you collect, analyze and disseminate your data? Let us work with you. We will watch your process, talk to the people involved, and provide suggestions on how you can improve your processes. We will help you spend less time struggling with data, and more time fulfilling your mission.

Customized Tools

Data capacity includes the ability to access, understand, and report on your impact on a regular basis.  This can be a time consuming task and one which requires an amount of expertise that you may not have on staff.  We can build customized tools which will allow you to more easily access and use your data on an on-going basis.