Data Collection & Analysis

We have extensive training and experience in a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods, and a wide variety of tools used to analyze those data. We can help you with projects involving any of these methods, including selecting which tool(s) will work best with your community and clients, and how you want to use the information you gather.

icon.questionCommunity Needs Assessments

Sometimes you need to take a look at what is going on in the community to confirm that your programs are on the right track, to identify potential gaps in service, and to help inform strategic planning decisions. We have done multiple community needs assessments, and have experience using a wide variety of data sources to help organizations shape their goals and programs.

icon.checkSurvey Projects

Surveys are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to collect information from a large number of people in a short amount of time, but it takes skill and experience to create an effective survey instrument. We have experience constructing, implementing and analyzing both paper and online surveys, and are skilled in using a number of online survey tools.

icon.talking.2Qualitative Interviews

We believe in the power of stories, and giving people voice. A one-on-one interview can be storytelling, an oral history, or a structured conversation. This allows you to get deeper, more rich and contextual information from the people you serve, your community or your staff. We have experience in interviewing diverse populations on a wide variety of themes, including sensitive topics. We have conducted interviews in person, on the phone and online, offering many opportunities to collect the type of “deep dive” data you need to understand complicated issues and processes.

icon.talking.3Focus Groups

People love to feel heard, and few things are more powerful than letting people tell their own stories and experiences in their own voice. We can help you use the stories and voices of your community and clients to help you make informed decisions about your mission and programs by conducting methodical yet culturally responsive focus groups.

icon.pencilGrant Writing

Fundraising is extremely competitive. Often, the decision of which organization to fund is based on the numbers–based on the evidence of the effectiveness of the program. The clear explanation of quality data is increasingly necessary in successful grant writing. We have experience not only grant writing (for funding from $ to $$$$$), but have also worked in funding agencies and understand what makes a grant application stand out. Let us help you with your next big proposal.

icon.clipboardForm Development

We create customized data collection tools, culturally responsive, based on the needs of your organization, your funders and the communities you support. This includes creating customized forms for you to easily collect the data you need, without creating more work for you or your staff. This includes intake forms, tracking forms, and other types of documents you use in your operations.

icon.toolsData Analysis

We have extensive experience analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data, using a wide range of analysis tools. We can analyze your data, or supplement your story with local, regional, national or international data. We have experience working with big datasets, such as the U.S. Census Data, small projects, and highly confidential data. We have analyzed the data collected from all of the methods mentioned here, and more, and have written up the analyses for a wide variety of audiences. We can support your data analysis needs using customized approaches and tools (Excel, Stata, SPSS and more) based on your organization’s capacity. We can help you tell your story in a way that really packs a punch.

icon.bullhornData Visualization

We love raw data, but recognize that it isn’t very useful in telling your story to a wide audience.  We can turn your raw data into engaging and informative visualizations using a variety of tools and methods including Tableau and infographics. We can handle small projects, like helping you visually show your data in a report or presentation, to larger projects, such as building Dashboards to monitor your programs, or show off your accomplishments.

icon.mappingGIS Mapping

Data are often easiest to understand when they are presented visually. When data are presented on an interactive map of the area you serve, it is downright exciting! We can use data from your organization to display your impact, communicate your barriers, or make strategic decisions.

icon.pagesContent Analysis

Data aren’t just answers to surveys or the number of people who attend an event. We can learn a lot about a community, it’s needs, hopes and fears by analyzing the words, stories, documents, images (and more) produced by that community. We can help you look at your community artifacts with an analytic eye to look for patterns or trends over time.

icon.bookLiterature Reviews

Why reinvent the wheel? What have others with similar goals and visions done before? What has worked, and what hasn’t? Our team has done extensive research in many, many areas that impact our community partners, from research on the criminal justice system to education to immigration. As trained sociologists, we know how to quickly find and synthesize how others have theorized, studied and analyzed social issues and patterns. We can help you make your programs and goals evidence-informed and/or connected to broader understandings of the issues you are working to create, change and solve.


When there is something about your processes, or the culture of your organization you want to improve, ethnography can be a powerful tool. We can study your organization from the inside, almost like a “fly on the wall” to identify places where you can make improvements, or understand why something is or is not working how you want.

icon.hand.writingProcess Improvement

Is something just not working right, when it comes to the way you collect, analyze and disseminate your data? Let us work with you. We will watch your process, talk to the people involved, and provide suggestions on how you can improve your processes. We will help you spend less time struggling with data, and more time fulfilling your mission.